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Robert Jay Fotografia is an award winning photo studio based out of Fayetteville, NC. Managed by head photographer Robert (Bob) Lindee, our shop has an impressive 20 years of experience in still and motion picture photography. Bob started out his career with CBS Television in Los Angeles and has travelled the world shooting for corporate clients including Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises Lines and more. He boasts an impressive TV career with several network credits, as well as an Emmy Award in 2006. Bob is known for his ability to instantly connect with his subjects, and his artistic shots are consistent whether the person in front of his camera is a movie star, a bride, or a new born baby.


We are a full service and highly regarded recorder of memories and all things important.  Recently relocated in Fayetteville, NC.,  RJF started in Los Angeles as a video production company, and slowly evolved a little over a decade ago in to a motion and still photography provider.  As a video producer, Bob always had a still camera on him to capture whatever was going on around the set.  After enough people asked him to shoot their weddings, families, graduating seniors, dogs, cats and motorcycles, Bob decided maybe it was time to put his skills to use as a full-time photographer.  With the advent of DSLR use in cinematography, it's now easy to do both jobs full time with the same equipment.  In addition to shooting on terra firma, Bob can often be found under water with a still camera in one hand, a video camera in the other, and a full tank of air on his back.  We have also recently registered a 4k/16megapixel 6 rotor drone platform with the FAA and are fully legal to acquire aerial photos and videos.  We are one of the only companies in the area to offer this service and not run afoul of the Federal Government in doing so.


One of the main reasons we got in to still photography was because there are so many 'photographers' out there.  Why the quotes?  Because owning a DSLR and a couple of lenses does not a professional make.  My dad has a nice camera.  So do my kids.  Should they be charging anyone money to do professional photos of them?  Nope.  There are two things I noticed trending several years ago with the advent of digital.  One was that almost overnight, there were hundreds of 'photographers' that came out of nowhere and started charging people for taking pictures.  Not portraits, not art... Pictures.  There's a huge difference, and hopefully you see that in our galleries.  Number two was the amount of money folks were charging for photo services.  Switching to digital video many years ago was a game changer for our company in that we didn't have to charge as much as we previously did when shooting a film commercial, documentary or other video project, due to advances in technology.  So we lowered our prices to reflect that.  Advances in digital still photography and the presence of incredibly good online print houses are doing the same for photos.  We don't feel that charging an exhorbitant amount of money -  just because the other guys are -  is a smart move.  Which leads us to...


We don't have a price list per se.  We have a general idea of what your investment will be based on our history of doing similar shoots, but we price each one according to what is asked of us.  As a general rule, you can count on an investment of between $2000-$4000 for a wedding, depending on what your needs are and where the wedding will take place.  Senior photos and family sessions take significantly less time, and the cost is usually in the $300-$500 range.  If we're traveling to do grad photos, we try to book as many as possible in the area to save everyone some money.   We also work with a number of different printers to offer you a wide range of products that meet your budget, while meeting our standards for how a photo should look on the wall.  The bottom line is that we work with each client to ensure that they get the best images or video they can get, at a price they can afford.  Every job begins with an initial consultation to find out what your needs are, so use the 'contact' link on the main page to get the ball rolling.

TL;dr version:

WHO: Really good people with mad, mad skills.

WHAT: Photo & video; on the ground, underwater or in the sky.  Brides, babies, moms, grads, and other inanimate objects.

WHY: Because Uncle Jeff's point and shoot can't do what we do.

HOW MUCH: Not an arm, nor a leg.

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